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Learn How To Harness The Power Of Your Dreams

For Greater Wealth, Happier Relationships And A More Fulfilling Life!

Did You Know the average person will dream over 150,000 dreams in a lifetime?

STOP! Do You Want To Learn The Meanings Of Your Dreams?

Have you ever wondered about.....

  • What are the five stages of sleep?
  • There are four stages of NREM (Non- REM) sleep, also called SWS (Slow-Wave Sleep), and one stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The most vivid dreams, and therefore the ones we remember the most, occur during REM sleep (though we dream in other stages too). One sleep cycle is roughly 90 minutes long.

    ``Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen.''--BAILEY

  • The true meaning of dreams?
  • I don't know about you, but I've brought a few "dream guides" before from bookstores and they usually only cover the very basics. If you want to know what death means and a few other more common dreams, then by all means, buy one of those books, but if you want over 10,000 dreams analyzed for you in an easy to read format, look no further.

  • What dreams are and how to harness their powers
  • You will learn how dreams are formed and why we do dream in the first place. A dream to the average or sensual person, bears the same relation to his objective life that it maintained in the case of the ideal dreamer, but it means pleasures, sufferings and advancements on a lower or material plane.

    understanding your dreams can provide self-awareness

  • How to develop the power to dream the dreams you want to dream
  • A person can, if he will, completely relax his mind and body to the receptive mood required for dreams to appear as realities, or true explanations of future events.

  • Know when a dream is worth interpreting
  • Find out whether the interpretation is the right one and how to embrace the psychic elements in dreams.

    Understand the emotional content, the symbolism, and the reason for each dream image.

  • How to harness the subconscious memory
  • The subconscious memory may be the direct cause of certain dreams. When the mind is centered on certain things, the sleeper goes over his life again and again in phantom fashion. He lives over the experiences of his daily life.

    Very often the ego enlightens the sleeper of some material thing for his own benefit, which he may use advantageously in his waking state, but as he generally looks at the phenomena of dreams as an hallucination of the brain, he allows many a golden opportunity to slip through his fingers because the materialist's brain cannot grasp things of the spirit.

    Attain a better understanding of yourself through your dreams

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    Informative And Easy To Read!


    • Preface 5
    • Dreaming Explained 6
    • What Is Lucid Dreaming? 9
    • Dangers of Lucid Dreaming 14
    • Recalling Your Dreams 20
    • Induction Techniques 24
    • Usefull “In Dream” Techniques52
    • Conclusion 62

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