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There are 9 steps to selling on ebay: or making a living off the net!

  1. Making the right decision to leave the sidelines and join the sales crowd
  2. Choose a product to sell
  3. Writing an effectiive sales ad to lure prospective buyers
  4. Setting the correct price for your product. The beauty with an online auction is that experimentation is possible
  5. Deciding on how to market your items while avoiding the common marketing mistakes
  6. Provide continuous after sales support to entice future buying
  7. Stay organized while you wait for payment
  8. Collect the money and recording your profits
  9. Getting the Right Advice
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New This Week !!

  1. Info Report Software
  2. Easy Selling Software

Our eBook Library

  1. Living off the net

  2. Choosing A Product

  3. Writing Effective Ads

  4. Setting The Correct Price

  5. Marketing Your Products

  6. Provide continuous After Sales Support

  7. Staying Organized

  8. Collecting The Money
  9. Where to find product to sell
  10. getting good advice

Bundled Package Specials

  1. 11 eBooks Is All You Need
  2. Fast Selling Software

Free eBooks for Your Reading and Learning Enjoyment

  1. 101 Jokes


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