Retirement Gifts For Golfers

There is a common notion that golf is a common past time and sport of big shot entrepreneurs and businessmen. It also has a notion of being an exclusively elite sport, and not accessible by regular blue collared employees. However, this is not the real case as modernization and commercialization has brought these so called elite sports into the hands of the common worker.

This is because there need not be a sophisticated equipment to be acquired to make this happen. Unlike big game fishing and polo which needs a lot of resources to acquire a boat and a horse respectively, golfers just require a set of golf clubs, which are affordable. With this in mind, retirement gifts for golfers and aspiring ones are easier thought of.


Making retirement gifts in relation to golf personal is quite an easy task as you could easily accessorize the golfing equipment with items such as home made golf club pouches, and caddy covers. These can be crafted by knitting (that is if you are into knitting) or any similar craftsmanship requiring different materials.

Another idea is to tap into the fashion aspect of golfing which is to focus on the things worn by a golfer. You may even start setting a new trend in golfing apparel just by a good imagination and a timely combination of clothing design for your retiree.

The Usual

The most common and usual method of getting a retirement gift for golfers is to hop on to the nearest sports shop and get your retiree the things sold there. It may sound a little impersonal to just get the retiree a commercially sold gift but then this may prove really useful if the retiree is still starting to become a golfer. Definitely you would want to get him a golf club set first of all as this is the basic requirement to be able to play golf.

Furthermore, you may find what other things and accessories your retiree golfer may still need, and perhaps also contribute to your imaginative side on what things can be made to enhance the golfing equipment he may already have.

The commercially made golfing equipment is also a safe bet to acquire if you would want to make your retiree feel good and professional by having a named set of clubs, making him like a pro.

Gagged and Loaded

The fun part of choosing to give a gag gift instead is the novelty of such items to be created out of it. It also adds up to the lighter side of playing golf, have the golfer catch a few smirks and funny side comments from colleagues as they too are influenced and humored.

The gag gifts should be taken quite carefully as it may be a sensitive matter for some, especially those who are still starting out as newbie players. Gags as gifts in relation to golfing might be negatively taken and discourage or at least hinder their learning and progress as they are disturbed by the idea emphasized by the gag or joke given to them.

As for the veteran players who are already well adapted to the game, placement of a good gag gift on their retirement day would be quite lightening on their part as they would see golfing not necessarily as a way to relieve stress but to actually just have some fun and perhaps a little competition to whet the winning urge of an individual.

Retirement gifts for golfers are just a simple way to make your golfer friend enjoy life after career.

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