Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Most working women look forward to this day, when their superhuman endeavors come to a close. Days of juggling both work and being a good mother takes a toll on them. And most sons and daughters will always look up to them and wonder: “how in the world did they make it through?” With that said, a retirement gift should be in place for them. Something that rewards all the decades of hard work and it should be with that hint of sentimentality that makes it utterly priceless.


When it comes to gifts, women, of course, want something different from what men receive. They’re not into sports since it usually disrupts their delicate yet valuable nature. They want to be pampered rather then beaten up, so to speak.

A gift that fulfills this basic requirement is a yearlong membership to a spa. Those mesmerizing foot massages and that wonderful and endless feeling of bliss can already make the retiree jump for joy. Another is a gift basket. Let her rekindle her love affair with food and baking with’s selections that only feature the best quality apples, almonds, pears and a host of other fruits that sell for merely $90. You may also opt for their coffee basket that has two kinds of creamers, stir spoons and it also has tea cookies and bonbons.

You can also opt for the universal weakness of women: chocolate. In the internet, offers personalized mahogany boxes which you may engrave with anything you want and of course, has wonderful Swiss chocolates which may be handcrafted into anything that seems appropriate (the retiree’s favorite flower, perhaps?)

If you want the retiree to feel truly pampered, you may give her a roundtrip ticket across the world, letting her experience the rich cultures of other nations while staying in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. And don’t forget the shopping opportunities!

One may also opt for jewelry, but that’s probably the most uninspired gift one could give, right?

Don’t Forget the Children

But a woman cannot fully embrace retirement if there is no assurance if her children’s financial future isn’t secure. As a son or daughter, make sure you bring that off her back because nothing worries a mother more than her children having a tough time. So, you may give all the wonderful things for her but don’t forget that your happiness is what she keeps thinking about. Make sure that you’re already having the time of your life and there’s simply nothing for her to worry about.


Unlike men, there are more gifts one can think of to make the woman retiree as pleased as possible. It all hinges on one theme: pamper her and make her feel privileged. Douse her with luxury; offer her only the best. These are the things one must keep in mind when giving a retirement gift for a woman.

One must remember that the feeling of love and privilege is the dream of every supermom. So when retirement finally comes for her, when all the sacrifices she did for her children and all the hard work she has done to secure the family’s finances, it should be a time when she begins to embrace and taste the best life can give.

There are tons of options you can take. You may give a ticket to the world or a lifetime membership to a spa. Whatever it is, make sure it takes her giggle like an innocent little girl once again.

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