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Why You Should Give a Retirement Gift

Whether you knew the future retiree in passing or know him/her over random coffee conversations, it is often appropriate to give one a retirement gift. It is a wonderful gesture which will be appreciated all the more if the giver and retiree did not spend significant time together. It also helps when giving a retirement gift improves one’s image in the company (wink, wink).

But there are more reasons why you should give gift to future retirees, let us look at some of them:

Improve Connections

Going to a retirement party is one of the most opportune times to improve one’s connections, especially if both you and the retiree are handling businesses. The latter has spent years in this respective industry, gaining respect along the way and of course, has built a good set of personal contacts along the way. In his final day of work, it is sure that most of the important people in his contact list will be there.

Gaining an invitation to the party, and giving a gift will secure one that other people recognize him too as an important person in the retiree’s life and may give one a better chance of meeting new and probably helpful people.

Parties are the usual venue to meet and interact with new people; so don not worry about awkward situations and pauses in between conversations because this is the time where most people feel their best and have the natural inclination to talk to other people. So go out there, smile, impress and meet new people!

Show Your Fun Side and Improve Your Stock

Typically, co-workers know each other based on project performances, sales reports and contributions to the team. And after work, most people are reeling from the daily grind and usually are not up for a good chat and a drink or two. So when you’re in a retirement party, show that your skills aren’t limited in the board room.

Think of gags, pranks and jokes that will woo future partners and admirers so you will have that x-factor when the next interview comes along the way. Show that you’re not merely a mechanical, droll and ironically efficient bureaucrat. Branch out, make some new friends and show your confident and funny side.

It is important to present your other side so they would know that you’re the kind of businessperson who knows how to balance his priorities and still have fun. That kind of combination will win you future investors if ever you will venture into the topsy-turvy world of entrepreneurship.


There are tons of unintended opportunities when you simply give a retirement gift. Connections will be built and your reputation will likely improve. Just let your hair down in one of these parties and show that you resume isn’t limited to leadership and creative skills. Show your fun side and let them bask in your confidence and potential.

But also, do not forget about the importance of your gift. It has to be in line with his personality and interests. Classic examples are monogrammed golf sets and autographed basketballs. Whatever your gift, make sure it fulfills the basic requirements of a good retirement present and you’ll be ready to impress people and get opportunities in retirement parties.


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