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A Peek at the History of Blenders

Everything has its origin. From the places that we see now, to the establishments, to the people living today and lived in the past and even the things that you use in your everyday life. Aren't you curious to know about the history of something that is really useful in the kitchen? Take a peek at the history of blenders.

The Past
The man behind the invention of blenders is Stephen Poplawski. He did this in 1922. He intended this appliance to make soda fountain drinks. Poplawski was the first person who thought about putting a spinning blade at the bottom of the container to be able to chop, grind and puree.

It was a man named Fred Osius who picked up where Poplawski left off. He made certain modifications and improvements to the idea. This was in 1935 where the now famous Waring Blender was introduced. Osius was part of the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company that was formed by him, L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach. This was formed in 1910. The company was well known for its kitchen appliances.

More about the Waring Blender

Fred Osius' ingenuity was backed up by the financial support of Fred Waring. Fred Waring was known as a person who was always fascinated by gadgets. Osius knew this attitude of Waring. At the time, Osius needed more financial backup to be able to create the necessary improvements to the blender.

Fred Osius approached Fred Waring at his dressing room after the latter had a live radio broadcast. This happened in the Vanderbilt Theatre in New York. Osius pitched the idea and instantly got a promise from Waring to give him what he needs to be able to do more research about the venture.

It took $25,000 and six months long before Waring decided to drop Osius. Waring felt that the blender still had some issues regarding the technical aspect and it seemed like it had already taken too long. Waring had the gadget redesigned. He made available to the public his own version of the blender he named as the Miracle Blender in 1937.

This was done at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago. At the time, it retailed at $29.75. In 1938, Fred Waring changed the name of his company, from Miracle Mixer Corporation it became Waring Corporation. And so the blender's name was also changed into the Waring Blender.

He was so confident with the product. He approached hotels and restaurants solely while pitching the unique selling proposition of his product, the blender or mixer to revolutionize how Americans had their drinks. He was right. From then on, the success of his product and blenders in general has been famous and is still is being utilized all around the world up to this day.

The Waring blender is still popular until now. During its start, it became so useful in hospitals and for doctors who are requiring certain diets for their patients. Did you know that in 1954, the first million Waring Blender was sold?

Isn't it amazing to know that such helpful utility in your kitchen has gone through a lot of phases? But the only factor that remains is that it still is popular because of its many uses. People use blenders to get a dose of refreshments, medicinal and health related purposes.


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